• Aberrant expression of LINC00346 regulates cell migration and proliferation via competitively binding to miRNA-148a-3p/Dnmt1 in Hirschsprung's disease

    8 days ago - By Springer

    Hirschsprung's disease is a common birth defect caused by dysplasia of neural crest cells in the gut. Long noncoding RNAs play an important role in cellular processes, including development and disease. Despite the known engagement of LINC00346 in several human diseases, its biological function in HSCR remains unknown.
    The relative expression levels of LINC00346, miR-148a-3p and Dnmt1 in HSCR colon tissues were detected by quantitative real-time PCR. Western blot assays were conducted to investigate the Dnmt1 protein expression level. Knockdown of LINC00346 and...
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