• Cats' Genomes Make Them Good Models for Human Disease

    22 days ago - By DNA Science

    Over the years, I've shared my home with 17 felines. Several have perched on my printer while I cranked out many articles and books on genetics.
    Little did I know that the genome of Felis catus is subtly similar to my own. Now, the aptly named Leslie Lyons, an associate professor at the University of Missouri Department of Veterinary Medicine & Surgery, has published an article in Trends in Genetics, “Cats - telomere to telomere and nose to tail , that makes the case for cats as models of human disease.
    “Approximately 33% of households in the USA own a cat, and as pets, cats have evolved...
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  • Scientists Completed the First Human Genome 20 Years Ago. How Far Have We Come, and What's Next?

    22 days ago - By Duke University

    If the Human Genome Project was an actual human, he or she would be a revolutionary whiz kid. A prodigy in the vein of Mozart. One who changed the biomedical universe forever as a teenager, but ultimately has much more to offer in the way of transforming mankind.
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