• Overexpression and characterization of a novel GH16 β-agarase from Cellulophaga omnivescoria W5C

    1 month ago - By Springer

    To identify and characterize a new β-agarase from Cellulophaga omnivescoria W5C capable of producing biologically-active neoagarooligosaccharides from agar.
    The β-agarase, Aga1, has signal peptides on both N- and C-terminals, which are involved in the type IX secretion system. It shares 75% protein sequence identity with AgaD from Zobellia galactanivorans and has a molecular weight of 54 kDa. Biochemical characterization reveals optimum agarolytic activities at pH 7-8 and temperature 30-45 °C. Aga1 retains at least 33% activity at temperatures lower than the...
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