• Circular RNA circ 0032821 contributes to oxaliplatin resistance of gastric cancer cells by regulating SOX9 via miR-515-5p

    1 month ago - By Springer

    Chemoresistance is one of the major obstacles for gastric cancer treatment. Exosome-mediated transfer of circular RNAs is associated with the drug-resistance in GC. Circ 0032821 has been reported as an oncogene in GC. This study is designed to explore the function and mechanism of Exosomal circ 0032821 in oxaliplatin resistance of GC.
    was highly expressed in OXA-resistant GC cells, and exosomes secreted by OXA-resistant GC cells. Moreover, circ 0032821-containing exosomes secreted by OXA-resistant GC cells could boost OXA resistance, proliferation, migration...
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