• Jurassic World: Dominion Bashes Biotech

    10 days ago - By DNA Science

    If a new Planet of the Apes or Jurassic Park film comes out, I'm going to go see it. The latest, Jurassic World:Dominion , didn't disappoint.
    A Plague of Locusts
    The science is mostly accurate, the bioethics message obvious, and the plot adheres to Isaac Asimov's “change one thing” rule for science fiction. In the world of Jurassic Park , that lone variable is time. We just have to accept that a “titanosaur” like Argentinosaurus somehow grew and developed from a lab-nurtured baby to a 130-foot-tall and 110-ton adult in a few years.
    The official summary from IMDb for the new film is vague...
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