• The hyaluronan-related genes HAS2, HYAL1-4, PH20 and HYALP1 are associated with prognosis, cell viability and spheroid formation capacity in ovarian cancer

    1 month ago - By Springer

    Hyaluronan modulates tumour progression, including cell adhesion, cohesion, proliferation and invasion, and the cancer stem cell phenotype. In ovarian cancer, high levels of stromal hyaluronan are associated with poor prognosis. In this work, hyaluronan synthases and hyaluronidases were examined with regard to different levels of gene expression and its influence on ovarian cancer patients' survival. The impact of a siRNA depletion of HAS2 was investigated in vitro.
    Using the Kaplan-Meier Plotter tool, we investigated the influence of hyaluronic synthases and...
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