• Unlocking the biochemical treasure chest within microbes

    1 month ago - By ScienceDaily

    An international team of scientists has developed a genetic engineering tool that makes producing and analyzing microbial secondary metabolites - the basis for many important agricultural, industrial, and medical products - easier than ever before, and could even lead to breakthroughs in biomanufacturing.
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  • Unlocking the Biochemical Treasure Chest Within Microbes

    Unlocking the Biochemical Treasure Chest Within Microbes

    1 month ago - By News Center

    An illustration imagining the molecular machinery inside microbes as technology.
    Secondary metabolites - the compounds produced by microbes to mediate internal and external messaging, self-defense, and chemical warfare - are the basis for hundreds of invaluable agricultural, industrial, and medical products. And given the increasing pace of discovery of new, potentially valuable secondary metabolites, it's clear that microbes have a great deal more to offer.
    Now, a team of microbiologists and genomicists led by the Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute has invented a genetic...
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